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Novytskyy Viktor Volodymyrovych

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Since 2006, he has been a head of “Alcesta” Social Center that was founded with the aim of supporting young promising Ukrainian scientists.

Vascular innovations for welfare of Ukrainian people and ATO fighters

Development and application of innovative models of hydro-hemodynamics in a fight against illness №1 in the world - cardiovascular diseases - one of the basic directions of collaboration in the scientific sphere of analytical mechanics department in the Institute of mathematics of NAS of Ukraine and the Scientific center "Istyna/ Veritas".

Scientific collaboration and approbation in medical practice of theoretical models for pathological changes in the vascular bed, developed by Novytskyy VV, professor, Dr.Phys&MathSc. and Lushchyk UB, MD, which started in 1996 and proceeds until now, enabled to develop new technologies for vascular diagnostics and non-surgical methods of treatment - technologies for vascular innovations.

For 18 years 3 basic technologies for vascular innovations have been developed, which are based on the laws of hydrohemodynamics, modern mathematical models and medical practices of pathological and sanogenic changes of hemodynamics:

1.    Vascular screening technology, which is patented and registered in Ukraine
Consists of technical, program and methodological complex. The technical complex has some versions for visualization and obtaining images of the smallest vessels in the organism. These programmatic versions are based on the modern innovative approach to the analytical processing of images. The second software version was developed together with the Institute of cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine and it was financed by a grant of NAS of Ukraine in 2009. The third software version was financed by the Center for innovative medical technologies "Veritas IТ Med" in 2012-2014.
The technology requires further financing for registration it at the international level.
The developed innovative technology for vascular screening became the real tool for early detection and effective treatment of cardiovascular diseases both of organic and psychoemotional origin. For this reason it appeared to be effective at treatment and rehabilitation of Maidan participants and ATO fighters, as it allows to protect from critical vascular conditions at global level and to correct the arteriovenous balance in the brain and even with amputation at level of cult or prosthetic extremities

2.    Angiomarker technology – a new innovative technology for detection of disbalance in the cardiovascular system, which is based on the dopplerography of main and peripheral arteries and veins at different vascular reservoirs.
The technology has been grown since 1981, patented in 1995 and requires further financing for its completion and registration at national and international levels.

3.    Angiotherapy technology – restoration of the adequate blood supply for organs and systems. It is based on the modern models of hemodynamics and dynamic models of synchronousness of functioning of different segments in the cardiovascular system and different characteristics of the vascular bed - nearly 30 important functions of the vascular wall, elasticity of blood duct and blood flow head have been proposed for treatment practice .
Application of these above-mentioned technologies for vascular screening is the essential condition for success in neurorehablitation process, when restoration of adequate blood supply has became the inalienable condition of satisfactory work of organs and organism of patients and wounded in ATO.