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Novytskyy Viktor Volodymyrovych


This is an autobiography of Viktor Volodymyrovych Novytskyy which was written for a museum of the Tyvriv secondary school finished by him.

I was born on 5th of February in 1951 in Chernivci city. My mother Kuharenko Mariya Yuhymivna and my father Novytskyy Volodymyr Matviyovych graduated from the philology department of the Chernivtsi university and were first stationed to the capital of the region Kelmintsi and then – to Novoselytsya settlement. I was issued my birth certificate in this village. I finished my first year at school in Livynci settlement where my father was appointed as a director of a secondary school. Later, my family moved to Vinnycya oblast – my father’s motherland. I spent my second school year in Voroshylivka settlement of Tyvriv region and studied up to the ninth form in Krasne settlement where my father was a director of a secondary school. In 1966–1967 school year, my father became a head of the Local Education Authority in Tyvriv. In order not to lose a teacher’s experience he worked at a secondary school as a teacher of history. In 1967, our family moved to Cheremoshne settlement from where I went to Tyvriv secondary school by bus or bicycle when I was in the tenth form. Teachers and classmates met me with open arms. I want to express deep thanks to my form mistress Tamila Trohymivna Kazanec’. Her kindness, exactingness and love to her pupils helped me to study well. One year of studying presented me with wonderful reliable friends who I still communicate with.

The year 1968 was remarkable for me: I finished school with flying colors and entered the mechanic and mathematic faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. First two years were difficult: I had to wind up my knowledge to the level of those who graduated from a specialized mathematical school and to adapt myself to another teaching method, and the students’ democracy required a serious self-discipline. A great support in my student life was Dnipro folk choir in which I was the first tenor. Here I used the experience I gained in the school choir of Krasne settlement and Tyvriv region. The specialization began from the third year of studying. I chose a theoretical mechanics special field which combined mathematics and physics issues. I became more interested in studying and defined some scientific interests. I was attracted by researching movement of controlled mechanic systems with a variable weight. At that time (beginning of the 70s), it was very relevant thanks to space researches. Scientific searching resulted in a qualifying paper about “Minimal quantity of controlling in dynamic systems” that was written within the walls of AS USSR Institute of Mathematics in which I did a predegree practice. My thesis supervisor Ostap Pylypovych Boichuk gave me first lessons of the scientific work. Members of mechanics and controlling processes department looked with favour on the student assistant. I fell in love with the members of the department and Institute of Mathematics but I could not stay there for work as I was not a Kyivan and did not have apartments to live in.

After graduating from the university in 1973, I began to work at the scientific studies institute of hydrodevices. That was a closed enterprise which specialized in creation of submarine devices for vessel monitoring in seas and oceans. I worked in a computation center on the first computers in USSR, namely “Minsk2” and “Minsk22”, and later – “M-222”. I became a specialist in engineering multilayer printed boards and learnt programming and I used this skill later. In 1976, my children, twins Yuliya and Olexiy, came into the world. My son Sergiy was born in 1978. In the same year, I changed my work for a computation center of Saturn research studies institute. It specialized in construction of low-noise transmitters and receivers, including with the help of cryoelectronics (electronics which operates at very low temperatures). Cryomedicine foundations developed.

In 1980, I defended my Phd thesis on the subject of “Method of the Weak Control in the Theory of Gyroscopic Compasses” under supervision of my teacher Volodymyr Mykolayovych Koshlyakov. In 1983, I was appointed to the chair of the higher mathematics #3 at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. I liked teaching very much but over years I understood that my scientific level began to decrease drastically. In order not to lose scientific gains I changed my work for AS USSR Institute of Mathematics in 1988 in which I work now. In three years, at the end of 1991, I defended my doctoral thesis on the subject of “Methods of Decomposition and Control in Mechanic Systems”. In 1995, a monograph “Decomposition and Control in Mechanic Systems” adapted from this dissertation was issued. In the same year, I was invited to work simultaneously as a professor of the chair of economic systems’ mathematic modeling of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. This invitation was rather prospecting and during five years I trained a candidate of economic sciences of the economic and mathematic modeling specialization.

Since 1996, I started to be interested in problems of modeling blood circulation in a human body. Research results exceeded all expectations as they became the base of medical methods of different vascular diseases treatment. These methods are still successfully applied in medical practice. In 1999, my younger son Viktor was born and in 2003, I received a title of a professor of the chair of economic systems’ mathematic modeling. Next year, I was appointed as a head of the analytical department of Institute of Mathematics in National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. I worked with postgraduate and postdoctoral students with a great enthusiasm. I have six students – PhD candidates. In 2008 року, I issued the second enlarged edition of the book “Decomposition and Control in Linear Systems” and the monograph ”Control of Gyroscopic Systems and Other Tasks of the Analytical Mechanics”. I continue to work as a head of the analytical mechanics department of Institute of Mathematics in National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.