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Novytskyy Viktor Volodymyrovych

Scientific Activities


1968–1973 – studying at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in the theoretical mechanics specialty
1980 – defending a dissertation on the subject of “Method of the Weak Control in the Theory of Gyroscopic Compasses” (01.02.01 – theoretical mechanics) for obtaining a degree of a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
1992 – defending a dissertation on “Methods of Decomposition and Control in Mechanic Systems” (01.02.01 – theoretical mechanics) for obtaining a scientific degree of a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
2003 – receiving a title of a professor of the mathematic modeling in economics (08.03.02 – economic and mathematic modeling)

Professional Activities

Since 1988 – a scientific worker at the Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Since 2004 – a head of the analytical mechanics department of the Institute for Mathematics of NASU
Since 1996 – a head of research in biophysical issues of “Istyna” scientific and methodological center for clinical ultrasound (presently – the Clinic of Ulyana Lushchyk)

Scientific Interests Area

Analytical mechanics, theory of movement stability, theory of control, decomposition of dynamic systems

• Theory of controlling linear and non-linear dynamic systems and their application
• Theory of inertial navigation and gyroscopic compasses. Application in marine guidance: ships, submarines
• Mathematic modeling of economic processes

Biomechanics and its application in medicine

• Creation and application of mathematic models in medicine
• Modeling of biophysical processes in the human body
• Vascular system modeling
• Creation of up-to-date medical technologies in the vascular diagnostics and medicated treatment
• Biophysics of ultrasound
• Applied hydrohemodynamics
• Applied biomechanics
• Logics of the living system functioning
• Logics of mechanisms of the convulsive syndrome development in case of brain injury
• Objectivation of the medication synergism in treatment practice
• Research of mathematic models of microcirculation in the human body



НNovytskyy V.V., Yasinskyy V.V. Applied tasks of decomposition and control in dynamic systems: Educ. Manual. – К., 1995. – 124 p.

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Lushchyk U.B., Novytskyy V.V. Up-to-date potential of application of transcranial dopplerography in major arteries and veins in the head and dopplerography of vessels in the neck in diagnostics of cerebral pathologies: methodical recommendations. – К., SPE «Istyna», 2007. – 32 p.

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Lushchyk U.B., Alexeyeva T.S., Novytskyy V.V. Why today don’t the morbidity and mortality rates decrease related to cardiovascular pathology? // Inventor and rationalize. – 2009. – № 10. – p. 14–19.

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